2022 · 27. January 2022
Open road.
We often talk about how we 'have to' do certain things, as if we have no choice. However, the late psychotherapist Sheldon Kopp once said that you are free to do whatever you want; you need only face the consequences. My latest column discusses what Kopp meant and suggests we are more free than we think.
2022 · 13. January 2022
When you’re feeling down, you may feel too tired or listless to do things that might lift your mood. How can you break out of the inactivity trap that is at the heart of depression?
2022 · 03. January 2022
When we encounter something new, we often feel a mixture of curiosity and anxiety. Curious, because newness can be intriguing, exciting; anxious, because newness can also bring uncertainty and risk. This column explores why we often let anxiety win this internal battle, but suggests we should do the opposite: that is, do what you value and follow your curiosity.