2024 · 22. February 2024
World-renowned CBT researcher and OCD expert Prof. Paul Salkovskis once asked therapists attending an OCD workshop to write down: ‘Today my partner (or best friend) will die in a car crash’. Only one third did this – the others changed the wording or said they were unable to do so. Clearly, many of us are prone to superstitious, magical thinking. My latest column explores the issue of thought-action fusion and details some simple exercises to test the power (or lack of power) of your thoughts.
2024 · 08. February 2024
Negative thinking isn’t good for you, but the same can be said of excessively positive thinking. My latest Southern Star column explores magical thinking – the false belief that your thoughts or wishes can somehow influence the external world.
2024 · 25. January 2024
Everyone wants to be happy – or do they? My latest Southern Star column explores how many of us devalue happiness in our day-to-day lives.
2024 · 11. January 2024
A negative thinking style can hurt your mood and well-being. My latest Southern Star column offers some CBT tips on how to develop a more helpful, balanced thinking style in 2024.