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Depressed girl.
Anxiety and low mood are the most common problems reported by clients.

I am committed to providing compassionate, evidence-based cognitive behavioral treatments to both adults and under-16s. I predominantly treat clients from Kinsale, Cork city, West Cork and mid-Cork (for example, Skibbereen, Clonakilty, Dunmanway, Bandon, Macroom, Ballincollig, Carrigaline and environs). Clients seek help with a range of issues (please see highlighted links for detailed information on specific issues), including:


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Stress is an inevitable part of contemporary life.
  • Self-esteem: Low self-esteem can have very painful and damaging effects on your life. CBT is an ideal approach for tackling low self-esteem and low self-confidence as it is primarily a cognitive (thinking) problem. CBT helps you become more balanced in your self-assessments. You learn to identify and challenge negative, self-critical thinking patterns and to actively direct your attention to your strengths and qualities. 
  • Stress management: Stress, whether it pertains to exams, college/school, work, relationships, transitions, parenting or to difficult life events, is an inevitable part of modern life. CBT can help you to better handle stress by helping you to change your negative thoughts and beliefs, and by providing you with effective coping strategies.
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Low self-esteem can have damaging and isolating effects.
  • Mindfulness and acceptance: CBT has always been guided by evidence and research. Accordingly, a wealth of promising studies regarding the merits of mindfulness and acceptance strategies has resulted in them being increasingly incorporated into mainstream CBT.
  • ProcrastinationEveryone puts off jobs on occasions, but regular procrastination can become a real problem. Research links procrastination to feelings of anxiety, guilt and shame. People procrastinate for many reasons. Perfectionism, fears regarding success and failure, escapist tendencies, feelings of simple boredom, or a combination of these and other factors, may underpin procrastination. Research confirms that the practical, problem-solving nature of CBT make it ideal for tackling this issue.  


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CBT's practical, problem-solving approach can help you move forward in your life.
  • Tension and relaxation.
  • Difficulties associated with Asperger Syndrome/A.S.D: Research shows people with Asperger syndrome are at greater risk of suffering from anxiety and depression, both issues that are successfully treated with CBT. However, a modified version of CBT is recommended when dealing with clients with A.S.D. Besides specialising in CBT, I have many years’ experience of working with clients with Asperger's. This experience enables me to implement an appropriately tailored treatment package.



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