2023 · 16. November 2023
Anxiety is a universal human experience, a natural response to stressors and challenges we all encounter in life. While it's a common emotion, it's often misunderstood and can manifest in a variety of ways. My latest Southern Star column explores some important things you should know about anxiety.
2023 · 02. November 2023
This week marks the second anniversary of the death, aged 100, of Dr Aaron Beck. My latest Southern Star column explores five lessons we can all learn from the man known as the father of CBT.
2023 · 19. October 2023
We’re generally quick to spot when someone behaves badly towards us, because our brains are wired to be alert to threats of all kinds. Unfortunately, we’re not quite as good at taking note of the little kindnesses of daily life. My latest column explores how it will help your mood and well-being if you train yourself to spot and savour these moments, which are more common than you may think.
2023 · 05. October 2023
Many of us find ourselves occasionally grappling with concerns about our health. Yet, for some, this unease goes beyond sporadic worry; it is a constant, exaggerated fear centred on health. My latest article looks at the obsessive and distressing nature of health anxiety, and talks about how the very things you do to ease your health anxiety - the rumination, the checking, the reassurance-seeking – are the very things keeping you stuck.
2023 · 21. September 2023
Might asking someone if they have suicidal thoughts plant the idea in their mind? Are people who make suicidal threats just looking for attention? Are only depressed or mentally ill people at risk of suicide? My latest article looks at some common myths about suicide.
2023 · 07. September 2023
You might want to change your life, but nevertheless keep doing things that make you unhappy. Why? My latest Southern Star column explores this all-too-common problem.
2023 · 10. August 2023
The father of CBT, the late Dr Aaron Beck, was fond of saying that ‘there is more to the surface than meets the eye’. What did he mean? Beck liked to illustrate his point by telling a story about an anxious and promiscuous client he was treating. Why was she anxious? Read on...
2023 · 27. July 2023
Here’s an underrated mental health tip – try to give people the benefit of the doubt. The opposite approach isn’t a good idea, as I hope will become clear in a short personal anecdote.
2023 · 13. July 2023
Do you think most people have richer social lives than you? Do you sometimes feel bad about yourself when you think about other people’s social lives? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, you’ve got company – research shows most people think others have a better social life then they do themselves.
2023 · 29. June 2023
Does the word self-compassion make you cringe? To many, it sounds a bit icky, touchy-feely, self-indulgent. However, it’s none of these things. In fact, many people find practising self-compassion to be very hard work. My latest column explains why it's important to make the effort and to treat yourself as you would treat a friend.

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