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2020 · 22. October 2020
Distant couple not looking at each other.
Couples need to keep their positive bond alive; lots of shared good moments helps you survive the bad moments. so, what kind of things can you do to maintain a healthy and happy relationship?
2020 · 08. October 2020
Couple holding hands.
Research indicates there is a very specific formula which predicts whether a couple are likely to be generally happy or unhappy. The magic ratio is 5:1 – you want to have roughly five positive interactions for every negative exchange. In this article, I explain why it's crucial for couples to seek out simple opportunities to increase their positive bond.
2018 · 20. September 2018
Worried woman
Last week's Southern Star column explored how to manage worries by using the 'best/worst/most realistic' technique. The column is reproduced below. You’re a bit stressed. Your annual performance review at work is taking place next week and you’re worried as to what your boss is going to say. How can you best manage those anxious thoughts? Here’s a simple CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) technique to try out. Ask yourself three questions: what’s the worst that could happen? What’s...