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2020 · 10. September 2020
To manage anxiety, you must first understand it. And to understand it, you must know your brain was not designed to make you happy; it was designed to help you stay safe and to stay alive, even if that means spooking you out and sending countless false alarms. How often the brain sends these false alarms, how often we feel fear, is partly determined by how we live our lives.
2020 · 27. August 2020
Cancelled exams, predictive grades, online classes – 2020 has been an enormously uncertain year for young people. My latest column offers some pointers as the school year resumes amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
2020 · 06. August 2020
Depressed girl.
An estimated one in six adolescents have self-harmed at least once while research indicates about 6 per cent of young people are actively and chronically self-harming. What should you know about this serious and growing problem?