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2023 · 14. December 2023
CBT places a lot of emphasis on cognitive distortions – essentially, thinking errors that can hurt our mental health. In my latest Southern Star column, I talk about one of the most common and potentially damaging cognitive distortions – disqualifying the positives in your life.
2023 · 21. September 2023
Might asking someone if they have suicidal thoughts plant the idea in their mind? Are people who make suicidal threats just looking for attention? Are only depressed or mentally ill people at risk of suicide? My latest article looks at some common myths about suicide.
2023 · 15. June 2023
Worried woman.
My last column looked at the power of anticipation, and how looking forward to positive events is a free source of happiness. However, what if you rarely allow yourself to look forward and get excited? Not only that, what if you are more familiar with negative anticipation, and frequently spend days dreading an upcoming event? My latest column looks at why anticipatory anxiety is a bad strategy and why it's like you are "bleeding before you are cut".
2022 · 03. November 2022
Man thinking.
Do you ever look back on something that once seemed important to you and wonder: wow, why did I think that was such a big deal? My latest Southern Star column explores why "nothing in life is as important as you think it is, when you are thinking about it".
2022 · 07. October 2022
“There’s no point in trying”, “things will never get better”, “I’ll never be happy” – are there times you feel like giving up, like everything is hopeless? Don’t give into those feelings. Here are four tips on things you can do right now that will help lift those difficult feelings.
2022 · 02. June 2022
Do you operate on a double standard in your daily life? That is, are you supportive and generous towards other people but often harsh and self-critical towards yourself? My latest columns looks at the double-standard technique, a simple but powerful cognitive therapy strategy which is especially useful if you have perfectionist tendencies or are prone to self-criticism.
2022 · 19. May 2022
Ruminating man.
My last column suggested that self-criticism, avoidance, routine worrying, not exercising, and routinely discounting the positives in one’s life are great ways of being unhappy. Here are a few more tips on how to be as unhappy as possible.
2022 · 05. May 2022
Articles doling out happiness tips are ten-a-penny and people often gloss over them, so let’s try a different approach – the first of two columns offering suggestions on how to be unhappy.
2022 · 10. February 2022
Tennis star Naomi Osaka has battled depression and anxiety in recent years. Now, she's aiming to give up her perfectionist ways and develop the 'greatest attitude ever'.
2022 · 13. January 2022
When you’re feeling down, you may feel too tired or listless to do things that might lift your mood. How can you break out of the inactivity trap that is at the heart of depression?

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