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2017 · 22. February 2017
Southern Star piece on CBT and panic attacks.
It's vital to understand the physical symptoms of panic attacks, a subject I examine in last week's Southern Star column. The text is reproduced below. The article can also be read on the Star's website at Many years ago, whilst working as a medic in Tanzania, Dr Harry Barry was strolling home one night when he suddenly encountered a leopard. He froze – a discerning response as any hint of...
2017 · 16. February 2017
West Cork readers can read my latest 'Your Mental Health' column in The Southern Star, where I discuss panic attacks and chronic anxiety.
2017 · 08. February 2017
For anyone who missed my column on anxiety in last week's Southern Star, the text is reproduced below. To worry is human. Money, health, family problems – everyone knows what it’s like to worry about such matters, just as almost everyone gets anxious about exams and job interviews and the likes. Chronic anxiety is different; excessive and intense, such anxiety can be crippling, consuming, resulting in a severely restricted life. The distress caused by anxiety disorders is underestimated....
02. February 2017
In my latest 'Your Mental Health' column in The Southern Star, I look at the problem of anxiety - the most common mental health condition and one that be very debilitating.