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2021 · 25. February 2021
Time for change.
Why do we often do things that keep us stuck, even though we say we want to change?
2021 · 11. February 2021
Dr Marsha Linehan, who founded DBT and is one of the most celebrated psychologists in the world today, spent two years in a psychiatric hospital when she was 17. Marsha eventually found a way out of her own personal hell and resolved to ‘help people find the path to getting out of hell’ themselves. In this column, I explore Marsha's invalidating relationship with her mother, her intense self-loathing, and her advice for people who hate themselves and who try to be someone they're not.
2021 · 04. February 2021
The mental health benefits of exercise cannot be underestimated. My latest column explores these benefits and offers some tips for people who struggle with motivation.