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2021 · 18. November 2021
Waiter cafe.
When was the last time you made conversation with a stranger? Does it seem awkward and not worth the bother? Would you be surprised to hear that routinely talking with strangers can make you happier? And yet, the research is clear on this – whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, striking up brief conversations with strangers is more enjoyable than you think and good for your well-being.
2019 · 21. March 2019
Sad and happy icons.
Whose life are you living? How concerned should you be by other's opinions? My column in last week's Southern Star is reproduced below. How concerned should you be by the opinions of others? Are you happy with the choices you’ve made in life, or were those choices swayed by social pressures? Those questions came to mind after reading a recent article by Paul Dolan, author of a new book called Happy Ever After: Escaping the Myth of the Perfect Life. Dolan, who comes from a working-class...
2018 · 31. January 2018
Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton's Southern Star column explaining why people get happier as they get older.
People tend to think that life goes downhill as you age, but the research shows the opposite is true: lifetime happiness tends to be U-shaped, with most people getting happier as they get older. Why? My column in the January 26 edition of The Southern Star discussed this important subject, and is reproduced below. As you get older, your looks fade. Mentally, you become less sharp and your memory declines. Your physical health suffers. And you get happier. Well, not everyone gets happier as they...
2017 · 07. December 2017
Linda Hamilton's Southern Star column on Daniel Gilbert's happiness research.
Last week's 'Your Mental Health' column in the Southern Star looked at what people can learn from happiness research, particularly the findings of 'Professor Happiness', psychologist Daniel Gilbert. The column is reproduced below. All of us can imagine scenarios that seem nightmarish, just as we can picture idyllic lives where we don’t have a care in the world. But what if the nightmarish scenario turned out to be more manageable than you thought, and the blissful scenario wasn’t actually...
2017 · 16. November 2017
Linda Hamilton column on tips for positive ageing.
I had a short piece in last week's Southern Star where I outlined six tips for positive ageing. The piece is reproduced below. Stay connected The Grant Study, the world’s longest-running study into adult happiness, has followed hundreds of people over a 75-year period. It found you could predict people’s subsequent physical health not by looking at cholesterol levels, but by assessing how satisfied they were in their relationships. “The people who were the most satisfied in their...