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2020 · 23. January 2020
Stethoscope by laptop.
All of us occasionally worry about our health. For some people, however, the worry is not occasional, but persistent and excessive. In last week's Southern Star, I asked: how is health anxiety different to other forms of anxiety and how can it be treated?
2019 · 29. August 2019
Man fighting intrusive thoughts.
Unwanted intrusive thoughts can cause huge torment. Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton offers tips on how to rid them of their power.
2019 · 08. August 2019
OCD thoughts.
Could I be a paedophile and not know it? What if I’m gay? What if I'm straight? CBT therapist Linda Hamilton explores the problem of intrusive thoughts and Pure OCD.
2019 · 04. July 2019
Socially-anxious man.
Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton explains why we should not allow our feelings to guide our actions and beliefs.
2019 · 20. June 2019
Woman laughing.
Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton explores what Worry Trick author Dave Carbonell has to say about laughing at your worries.
2019 · 06. June 2019
Number 13.
In last week's Southern Star, I explored the downsides of superstitious thinking. The column is reproduced below. Are you superstitious? Would you feel uncomfortable if you walked under a ladder or lost a lucky charm you carried around with you? Or perhaps you think there’s probably no truth to these old notions, but there’s no harm in heeding them anyway? Is this true? Are these just harmless quirks? Or can holding onto superstitious beliefs get you into trouble? Certainly, many people are...
2018 · 26. July 2018
Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton's column on OCD.
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) can be painfully debilitating. It's important to understand OCD rather than making ill-informed jokes about it, as I explained in last week's Southern Star. Organised people often laugh about how they’re “so OCD” in their ways, but obsessive compulsive disorder is no joking matter. Earlier this year, reality TV star Khloe Kardashian was criticised by mental health campaigners after she launched KHLO-C-D Week, a series of posts documenting ‘tips and...