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2022 · 20. October 2022
Do you think and act in ways that are helpful – or unhelpful? What are the advantages and disadvantages to your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours? My latest column examines this simple but important cognitive exercise.
2022 · 07. October 2022
“There’s no point in trying”, “things will never get better”, “I’ll never be happy” – are there times you feel like giving up, like everything is hopeless? Don’t give into those feelings. Here are four tips on things you can do right now that will help lift those difficult feelings.
2022 · 03. October 2022
Worried man.
“Just stop worrying”, “think positive”, “don’t think about it” – if you’re a worrier, this isn’t helpful advice. My latest column looks at advice from CBT expert Dr Robert Leahy: learn to worry more effectively.