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2019 · 23. May 2019
Woman at airport.
Afraid of flying? My column in last week's Southern Star offered some CBT tips on fear of flying. Summer’s here and many people are looking forward to holidaying abroad in the coming months. If you have a fear of flying, however, then holiday plans are likely to trigger feelings of dread and anxiety. Around one in four people are nervous about flying. Some people experience mild anxiety; others experience absolute terror. The reasons can vary. Some focus on flight safety, fearing the plane...
2019 · 24. January 2019
Cyclists exercise.
In last week's Southern Star, I wrote about the mental health benefits of exercise. The piece is reproduced below. The physical benefits of exercise are well known, but keeping active is also vital for maintaining mental fitness and well-being. When your body feels better, so does your mind. Exercise release natural endorphins which can significantly boost mood, combating feelings of fatigue and helping people feel energised and healthy. Consequently, it’s one of the quickest ways of...
2017 · 21. September 2017
Linda Hamilton's Southern Star CBT column on behavioural experiments.
Last week's Southern Star column looked at why we should put our thoughts on trial with behavioural experiments. The column is reproduced below. Imagine the following. You call into your neighbour’s house and are surprised to see her sprinkling salt all over the floor. ‘Why are you doing that?’, you ask. ‘To keep the tigers away’, she responds. Stunned, you point out there are no tigers in Ireland. ‘Exactly’, she responds. Your neighbour’s mistaken belief can be easily disproved...