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2021 · 15. July 2021
Doubting woman.
"I must always feel completely in love with my partner, or else he is not 'the one'"; "I noticed another attractive person so I must not love my partner"; "I often get angry with my partner so I must not love him"; "Other couples are happy all the time". All-or-nothing thinking, catastrophising, hyper-responsibility, excessive 'should' statements – my latest column explores thinking errors often seen in cases of relationship OCD (ROCD).
2021 · 01. July 2021
ROCD couple.
What if I don’t really love my partner? What if my partner doesn't really love me? Is s/he "the one"? What if I am not as attracted to my partner as I should be? Would I be better off with someone else? Would s/he be better off with someone else? What if my partner doesn't know me well enough and realises too late I am not the person s/he thought I was? This column explores relationship OCD, or ROCD, which is characterised by agonising doubts and uncertainty about your relationship.
2019 · 29. August 2019
Man fighting intrusive thoughts.
Unwanted intrusive thoughts can cause huge torment. Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton offers tips on how to rid them of their power.
2019 · 08. August 2019
OCD thoughts.
Could I be a paedophile and not know it? What if I’m gay? What if I'm straight? CBT therapist Linda Hamilton explores the problem of intrusive thoughts and Pure OCD.