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2020 · 04. June 2020
Let's say you make a mistake or hear disappointing news. How do you talk to yourself in these situations? For many people, negative and punishing self-talk can become a bad habit. You may not even notice how much you berate yourself. My latest column explores some really good advice from Irish writer Maria Hoey on this important subject.
2020 · 09. April 2020
X mark denoting unacceptable standards.
Many people say self-criticism keeps them on their toes and helps them achieve their goals. However, critical self-talk is linked to multiple mental health problems. Research shows that if you want to motivate yourself to 'do better', self-compassion beats self-criticism. When you see mistakes as human and inevitable, I argued in last week's Southern Star, you are more likely to accept and learn from them.
2019 · 18. July 2019
Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton offers some mental health tips for parents who may be concerned about their teenage children.
2018 · 05. April 2018
Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton's Southern Star column on humiliation and depression.
Humiliation is a very intense emotion. Few experiences – even the loss of a loved one – can surpass the psychological damage caused by humiliating events, as I cautioned in last week's Southern Star. The column is reproduced below. You might be aggrieved with someone – your partner, child, co-worker, whoever – and want to “teach them a lesson”, to “take them down a peg or two”, to “put them in their place”. Don’t – any act that aims to humiliate is dangerously misguided....
2018 · 31. January 2018
Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton's Southern Star column explaining why people get happier as they get older.
People tend to think that life goes downhill as you age, but the research shows the opposite is true: lifetime happiness tends to be U-shaped, with most people getting happier as they get older. Why? My column in the January 26 edition of The Southern Star discussed this important subject, and is reproduced below. As you get older, your looks fade. Mentally, you become less sharp and your memory declines. Your physical health suffers. And you get happier. Well, not everyone gets happier as they...
2017 · 09. March 2017
Linda Hamilton's Southern Star column on CBT and self-esteem
Last week's Southern Star column on CBT for low self-esteem is pasted below. The column can also be read on the Star's website at My photo of the column (left) isn't the straightest; I was about to change it but decided to leave it be, given that the theme is about self-acceptance and being able to say, 'I'm not perfect, but I'm OK':) Let’s suppose that once upon a time, you were given a...
2017 · 03. March 2017
People routinely put up with negative self-talk, tuning into a voice that belittles, insults and ridicules their efforts. In this week's Southern Star, I examine the damaging effects arising from low self-esteem.