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2023 · 23. January 2023
Negative, unhelpful and fearful thinking patterns can breed a host of mental health problems, so why not aim to be a more calm, balanced thinker in 2023? My latest Southern Star column offers some cognitive tips to get you started.
2023 · 12. January 2023
Diary planner.
One reason why most people don’t stick to their new year’s resolutions is they aim too high, setting difficult and unrealistic goals. However, making positive changes doesn’t have to be a daunting affair. Here are some simple behavioural ideas on how to improve your mental health and be a little bit happier in 2023.
2022 · 16. December 2022
Anxiety man.
Treating anxiety can be reduced to one simple principle: ‘Anxiety is maintained by avoidance, and willing exposure is the active ingredient of recovery. That is essential; all the rest is commentary.’ My latest Southern Star column explores why tackling anxiety means tackling avoidance.
2022 · 01. December 2022
Anxious man.
Tackling anxiety means choosing to do some hard things, such as facing feared situations, so you have to be motivated. To get motivated, ask yourself this: what have you lost to anxiety? My latest column looks at some ideas from anxiety expert Dr Jonathan Grayson on how to undertake this vital exercise.
2022 · 24. November 2022
What are the pros and cons of online therapy?
2022 · 03. November 2022
Man thinking.
Do you ever look back on something that once seemed important to you and wonder: wow, why did I think that was such a big deal? My latest Southern Star column explores why "nothing in life is as important as you think it is, when you are thinking about it".
2022 · 20. October 2022
Do you think and act in ways that are helpful – or unhelpful? What are the advantages and disadvantages to your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours? My latest column examines this simple but important cognitive exercise.
2022 · 07. October 2022
“There’s no point in trying”, “things will never get better”, “I’ll never be happy” – are there times you feel like giving up, like everything is hopeless? Don’t give into those feelings. Here are four tips on things you can do right now that will help lift those difficult feelings.
2022 · 03. October 2022
Worried man.
“Just stop worrying”, “think positive”, “don’t think about it” – if you’re a worrier, this isn’t helpful advice. My latest column looks at advice from CBT expert Dr Robert Leahy: learn to worry more effectively.
2022 · 08. September 2022
“She will think I’m stupid”. My latest column looks at mind-reading and takes a look at research which suggests we should be less shy of giving compliments to others.

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