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2023 · 18. May 2023
Right wrong.
Admitting you’re wrong isn’t easy. It can be especially difficult if we have acted in a way that has hurt ourselves or others. As a result, we often rationalise obvious mistakes and try to justify the unjustifiable. My latest column suggests a different approach: hold your beliefs lightly and embrace the inevitability of wrongness.
2023 · 21. April 2023
Sunny island.
We’ve all heard the line about trying to look at the glass as half-full rather than half-empty, but I came across a different variant on it recently – one that may make you more open to the idea of making a change in your life.
2023 · 06. April 2023
Bored man.
Why do some people seem to enjoy hurting others? It's a complicated question, but my latest column looks at one simple factor that is often overlooked – boredom.
2023 · 23. March 2023
Angry woman shouting.
My last column explored the issue of anger – the different ways anger is manifested, the various factors that drive it, and the negative consequences associated with anger problems. This week, let’s look at specific steps on how to better manage your anger.
2023 · 09. March 2023
Do you often worry or feel bad about your anger? Have other people expressed concern about it? Has your anger resulted in conflict in your personal or professional life? In the first of two columns, I discuss the importance of anger management.
2023 · 23. February 2023
Ronald Reagan.
Many people are uncomfortable with having mixed feelings, with ambivalence. This is often seen in relationships. A person might say, “I really like my partner but he does some things which really annoy me. I wish I didn’t have these contradictory feelings, maybe he’s not right for me”. In reality, it's normal to have mixed feelings, whether about your partner, your family, your work, your friends. My latest column explores why it's important to learn to tolerate ambivalence.
2023 · 23. January 2023
Negative, unhelpful and fearful thinking patterns can breed a host of mental health problems, so why not aim to be a more calm, balanced thinker in 2023? My latest Southern Star column offers some cognitive tips to get you started.
2023 · 12. January 2023
Diary planner.
One reason why most people don’t stick to their new year’s resolutions is they aim too high, setting difficult and unrealistic goals. However, making positive changes doesn’t have to be a daunting affair. Here are some simple behavioural ideas on how to improve your mental health and be a little bit happier in 2023.
2022 · 16. December 2022
Anxiety man.
Treating anxiety can be reduced to one simple principle: ‘Anxiety is maintained by avoidance, and willing exposure is the active ingredient of recovery. That is essential; all the rest is commentary.’ My latest Southern Star column explores why tackling anxiety means tackling avoidance.
2022 · 01. December 2022
Anxious man.
Tackling anxiety means choosing to do some hard things, such as facing feared situations, so you have to be motivated. To get motivated, ask yourself this: what have you lost to anxiety? My latest column looks at some ideas from anxiety expert Dr Jonathan Grayson on how to undertake this vital exercise.

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