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2020 · 07. May 2020
Running in mud.
‘As human beings, we are all “stuck in the mud-hole.” We are all slogging through the “muck,” we are all equally dirty, and we all “stink,” but we give meaning to our lives by pursuing our goals and overcoming challenges.’ Dr Steven Phillipson is a celebrated psychologist today, but as a child he felt inferior and ashamed. My latest column explores how nobody has it easy in life and why we are, as Dr Phillipson says, 'all in the mud-hole together’.
2019 · 04. July 2019
Socially-anxious man.
Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton explains why we should not allow our feelings to guide our actions and beliefs.
2019 · 02. May 2019
"I can’t do it", "I didn’t have time", "I have to" – we have more freedom to choose than we think, says Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton.