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2024 · 21. March 2024
Anyone who has cycled a bike knows what it’s like to cycle into a strong wind, and how you focus on how hard it is to be blown back. Unfortunately, we don’t take the same notice if a tailwind pushes us forward; instead, it’s quickly forgotten. It’s human nature to react this way. Our brains have a built-in negativity bias which means we notice and focus on the headwinds, but often forget or barely notice the tailwinds. My latest column looks at how we can overcome this negativity bias.
2023 · 13. July 2023
Do you think most people have richer social lives than you? Do you sometimes feel bad about yourself when you think about other people’s social lives? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, you’ve got company – research shows most people think others have a better social life then they do themselves.
2019 · 12. September 2019
Do people believe what they want to believe? It's a bit more complicated than that, I argued in last week's Southern Star. The column is reproduced below. Sometimes, you might fall out with someone close to you and think: how can they not see they’re wrong? How can they say black is white? How can they not see what’s right in front of their eyes? It’s often said people believe what they want to believe, but that’s not the whole story. It’s more accurate to say we are prone to...
2019 · 25. July 2019
Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton shares some psychology tips to help you get the most out of your holidays.
2018 · 13. December 2018
CBT therapist Linda Hamilton's column on the spotlight effect.
Last week's Southern Star column examined the 'spotlight effect' - the tendency of people to think all eyes are upon them, even when others may be paying little or no attention. The column is reproduced below. All of can think of times when we’ve experienced socially embarrassing moments – spilling your drink on someone you’re trying to impress, your voice breaking when making a speech, tripping over your feet in a busy place and keeping your head down to avoid seeing the smirks from all...
2018 · 09. August 2018
Kinsale CBT therapist Linda Hamilton's Southern Star column on regret.
In last week's Southern Star, I offered some advice on how to minimise painful feelings of regret. The column is reproduced below. It’s often said people regret the things they didn’t do in life rather than the things they did do. Is this true? How should you spend your life if you want to minimise painful feelings of regret? Cornell psychologist Prof Thomas Gilovich is something of an expert in this area, and he just doesn’t believe people who say they have no regrets. ‘To live is to...